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Year 7 meet some exotic creatures in Zoolab visit

17 Mar 2016

1On Tuesday, Year 7 were treated to a very special visit from Zoolab, to support their recent learning on the topic of classification.

Students were able to see and handle a variety of organisms including a tree frog, tarantula, hedgehog, rat and corn snake. They were all up for for the challenge of handling these exotic visitors and see some biology in action.

Issy Elliott and Kamran Bastani  in 7T have written a report on their fascinating session with Zoolab.

“On Tuesday 15th March Year 7 had a visit from Zoolab. Chris brought with him a corn snake, a cockroach, a tarantula, a rat, a frog and a hedgehog. We got to hold every animal except the tarantula and the hedgehog. The corn snake we found out is the most popular snake for people to have as pets as they tend to be docile and have a reluctance to bite as we held the snake it started to slither up our arms it was really cool! Then the tarantula came out and Chris told us that female tarantulas can’t see very well so it would be scared of us, she was very big! After this the frog came out and Chris put it on the wall where it sat there until Chris brought it around, it felt as though it had suction pads on its feet as you could feel every step it made! Then we saw the rat she was really cute and white although she definitely was either very nervous or very excited as she kept running around Chris and slipping through his arms, we got to pat her and she was really soft and sweet! After this the cockroach was brought out and it was massive and when it was placed on our hands it tickled your skin when it was walking around on your palm! Last but not least the hedgehog was placed on the floor and we watched it eat its lunch and if you think hedgehogs are cute when you watch them eat they’re completely different especially as they eat so fast! We also got to ask some questions about animals to which we got some interesting answers! I would like to thank on behalf of Year 7, Zoolab for such an incredibly interesting session on animals!”


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