The Perse School

Students present their findings at EPQ evening

18 Mar 2016

Our Sixth Form students taking the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) as part of their studies, presented their research findings to family and friends earlier this week.

The EPQ is a rewarding course, where students are required to produce and present a piece of original, high-level independent research. It allows students to delve deeply into a topic inside or outside the curriculum that interests them. Whilst affording the opportunity for students to develop the vital research skills needed for university study, it allows them to explore their academic interests outside of the curriculum.

The topics covered by this year’s projects were as varied as ever, ranging from the concept of chivalry to the Spanish Civil War and climate change to battery technology. Here is a full list of this year’s fascinating projects:

To what extent was ‘chivalry’ a reality, rather than merely an ideological phenomenon, in Western Europe during the medieval period? How should the Spanish Civil War be commemorated?
How did Hannibal lose the Second Punic War and could Carthage have won it? How can the use of innovative materials and metallurgy improve the racing performance of skis?
To what extent should ethics be considered in the genetic engineering of GM crops. To what extent was Luddism a political protest?
Suspended animation: science fiction or near reality? To what extent do websites which give information and advice regarding medical issues benefit the General Practice system?
What is the best battery technology for the future of electric cars? Is the gothic a feminist genre? What are the likely effects of climate change on the polar jet stream?
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