The Perse School

Year 4 dig into the past

3 Feb 2016

Yesterday, local archaeologist Quinton Carroll visited Year 4 to talk to them about his job and the artefacts he has discovered in the Cambridge area.

With him he brought lots of fascinating artefacts including Iron Age and Roman finds from Cambridgeshire. The children were then given the opportunity to get up close and personal with the items he brought with him. The pupils handled Celtic and Roman bone combs, Roman show leather, part of a quern stone (which was used to grind flour to make bread), various items of pottery, coins, animal bones and Roman brooches. He also showed the children axe heads, arrow tips and spearheads made from flint, stone and metal. Pupils were very surprised to learn from Quinton that the flint heads were still very sharp despite being thousands of years old, and so had to be extra careful when handling them!

Thank you to Quinton for giving up his time to inspire Year 4 about the past!

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