The Perse School

Telling Tales

5 Feb 2016

Earlier this week, the Middle School Drama Company (MSDC) took to the stage for two performances of their production, Telling Tales, which was written, produced and directed by English and drama assistants Miss Coxon and Miss Mahoney.

It was an exploration of the power of storytelling. In a difficult and dangerous world, five children come across a well-loved fairy-tale and fall down the rabbit hole into a world where imaginations, dreams and the power of stories bring the tales they tell each other to vivid, and sometimes frightening, life.

All 26 members of the Company gave strong and memorable performances both as the real-world children and as the colourful variety of characters brought to life. The Company rose to the challenge of embracing a variety of performance modes, from Shakespearean speeches to Greek chorus-style work, stage fighting and dance.

Both Miss Coxon and Miss Mahoney are extremely grateful for and proud of all the hard work that the Company members put into this show, and for their vibrancy and enthusiasm during the rehearsal process. The show was a great success, with good audiences on both nights enjoying this unique and fun-filled production.

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