The Perse School

Pupils put their burning questions to the Head

9 Feb 2016

Last week saw this term’s session of Head’s Question Time take place. This termly forum organised by the Student Council, gives students from across all year groups the opportunity to quiz the Head, Mr Elliott, on school matters of interest to them.

The topics for up for discussion were as usual, many and varied from class sizes and language provision to the School’s bursary programme and mobile phone use in school.

A hot topic for discussion was the School’s new performing arts centre (on which work is now underway), with one student asking why the School has chosen to invest in the arts, rather than in other subjects. Exams and exam reform also featured in students’ questions, with them asking how many A levels they will be able to take in the Sixth Form in 2017 and whether the Head thinks there is too much testing in school.

Mr Elliott was asked what he likes and dislikes most about his role as Head of The Perse. He answered seeing potential in new pupils and seeing them progress through the School was the best thing about his role, whilst seeing pupils not take advantage of the opportunities available to them was his main dislike.

This informative session helps students better understand the School, how it operates and why it takes the decisions it does.

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