The Perse School

It’s a rap!

12 Feb 2016

As part of the Prep’s Wellbeing Week, performance poet Adisa returned to the Prep to hold some rap poetry workshops with Years 5 and 6.

He talked to the children about the Jamaican tradition of roasting, and the origins of hip hop and rap in African storytelling. Adisa explained that music and dance brings communities together, particularly in America, where music and dance challenges help to stop the physical violence of gang rivalry.

Adisa asked the children to think about the different kinds of music they like and to then visualise it. He encouraged them to paint a picture in words using similes and metaphors to create musical poetry. Mr Harris, Head of Music at the Prep provided the music to accompany their poems, and pupils will perform their finished pieces later today. We very much look forward to hearing them!


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