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Weekly sports round-up

Despite last week’s sub-zero temperatures, our sports teams have put in some excellent performances on the pitch and on the court. The U14A, B and C rugby teams won each of their matches against The Leys School, whilst the basketball A team secured an excellent 82-30 point win over the CATS College side. In netball, Saturday saw a block fixture against Kimbolton School. Some notable wins included the U15 team 19-11 win, and 18-8 win for the U14B team and a 12-8 win by the U14B side. The boys’ hockey teams were also on top form, with our U13A side beating Joyce Frankland Academy 10-0, which was matched by the U12A team who won 8-0 and the U12B team who secured a 2-0 win.

Girls’ netball
Team Opposition Result For Against
1st VII Kimbolton School Loss 12 19
U16A Kimbolton School Loss 19 20
2nd VII Kimbolton School Loss 5 31
3rd VII Kimbolton School Loss 10 12
U15C Kimbolton School Win 19 11
U14B Kimbolton School Win 18 8
U13A Kimbolton School Draw 14 14
U13B Kimbolton School Win 12 8
U13D Kimbolton School Loss 4 12
U12A Kimbolton School Draw 12 12
U15B Bedford Modern Win 16 7
U13A Moulton House Win 9 3
U12A Moulton House Win 11 0
U13C New Hall School Win 9 4
U13D New Hall School Draw 7 7
U12C New Hall School Loss 14 2
U12D New Hall School Draw 2 2
2nd VII St Mary’s School Loss 21 23
Boys’ hockey
Team Opposition Result For Against
U13A Joyce Frankland Academy Win 10 0
U13B Joyce Frankland Academy Draw 2 2
U12A Joyce Frankland Academy Win 8 0
U12B Joyce Frankland Academy Win 2 0
1st XI Oundle School Draw 1 1
2nd XI Oundle School Loss 1 3
3rd XI Oundle School Loss 1 3
U16A Oundle School Win 2 1
U16B Oundle School Loss 1 2
U15A Oundle School Loss 1 3
U15B Oundle School Win 1 0
U15C Oundle School Draw 2 2
3rd XI New Hall School Loss 1 2
Boys’ rugby
Team Opposition Result For Against
U14A The Leys School Win 45 10
U14B The Leys School Win 60 0
U14C The Leys School Win 38 10
Team Opposition Result For Against
1st XI Bancroft’s School Win 2 0
2nd XI Bancroft’s School Loss 3 1
1st XI Oundle School Loss 1 3
2nd XI Oundle School Loss 0 3
Team Opposition Result For Against
U16 District Tournament Loss
U14 District Tournament Loss
A team CATS College Win 82 30
U16 Parkside Loss 13 37
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