The Perse School

Student Council – reflections on a successful term

8 Jan 2016

Written by Emily Deane, Lower Sixth

The Student Council has had a hugely successful Michaelmas term. The structure of the group has changed with specific areas of responsibility given to members of the senior team, such as estates/catering. The ten members of the senior team, belonging to a range of year groups, have dedicated much time and effort to ensuring everything has run smoothly. All the work of the form representatives has been greatly appreciated, as they have played an instrumental role in both of the Whole School Council meetings that took place in the term, engaging in lively and productive debates about suggestions made to the Council. The passion that everyone involved in the Student Council has for making the School a better place is so impressive.

Over the course of the term, both little changes and more sizeable projects have been occurring thanks to the work of the Council. One of the most significant changes was the introduction of a ‘double sided printer policy’ in the School, where all student printers are defaulted to print double-sided, which has considerable environmental benefits. The installation of a drinks machine in the Sixth Form common room was received, unsurprisingly, very well by the students. Sixth Form life was also considerably improved by the addition of more chairs and new stationery in both workrooms. The new music lesson tab on Sharepoint (which makes it easier or students to find their music lessons) has benefitted many students in all years, and the reintroduction of inter-form sports in PE will also be appreciated by many throughout the School. The Student Council has been responsible for gaining feedback from the pupil body on a number of matters ranging from hymns to assemblies, aiding future school development. Notably, the merit system will imminently be changing, taking into account all pupil feedback, such as what merits are awarded for.

All of these changes, both big and small, play a part in constantly improving the School, which both pupils and staff strive to do. After a busy and successful Michaelmas term, everyone involved in the council is very much looking forward to what is to come in the New Year. There are already many exciting events taking place in the Lent term, such as ‘Head’s Question Time’, in which all students have the opportunity to ask Mr Elliott any question, and always proves to be an engaging and interesting event.



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