The Perse School

Prep art exhibition open its doors

On Monday, the Prep’s annual Art Exhibition opened to pupils, family and friends.

The artwork each year is based on a theme, which have previously included ‘texture’ and ‘colour’. This year’s theme was ‘shape’, and every pupil at the Prep has at least two pieces of work on display in the exhibition.

A range of materials have been used across the different year groups, from wax which Year 3 used to create wax resist patterns, to clay modelling in Year 6. Each project has been inspired by a particular artist or style in art.

Year 5 pupils created hanging fish, using a wide range of craft materials including raffia, copper foil, ribbon and beads. This particular project was inspired by one of Alexander Calder’s sculptures called ‘Funny Fish’. Children in Year 3 were inspired by the Green Man, using a range of textured card and paper to create fantastic masks.


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