The Perse School

Starry Starry Night

2 Dec 2015

The last couple of weeks of term are always very busy with a host of festive activities taking place. The first of the School’s Christmas productions took place last night, with Year 3 pupils taking to the stage for their very special Christmas show. They performed ‘Starry Starry Night’, a musical complete with seven original songs written by Paul Harris, the Prep’s Director of Music, which re-told the Christmas story.

Each Year 3 pupil had a line to tell the audience part of the story, and the Year 3 Drama Club worked on a special introduction and conclusion to the show. This is the first time the whole year group has appeared together on the new Prep stage, following the extensive refurbishment of the hall over the summer.

The cast did a fantastic job of getting the audience thoroughly into the Christmas spirit!




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