The Perse School

Prep pupils take ‘Centre Stage’ in performance of The Pied Piper

11 Dec 2015

Centre Stage, the Year 5 Drama Club, gave a spellbinding performance of The Pied Piper, an inventive retelling of the classic story, which was directed by Head of English Mr De Albuquerque.

Rats have taken over the town of Hamelin and the useless Mayor can find no solution. The Pied Piper offers his services but when the fee is withheld, vengeance is served. Will Hamelin ever see its children again? The play focused on the importance of keeping a promise and had an uplifting outcome. Beautiful singing and music cast a spell on the audience as well as the excellent characters played by the Prep children in the play.

Children took on their roles with enthusiasm and talent – comedic and sinister rats; a mystical and mysterious Pied Piper; anxious parents; and an unlikely hero, as well as an incompetent mayor.

All in all, this was a very polished and professional Christmas pantomime – well done to everyone who took part.

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