The Perse School

An Evening of Talking Heads – Senior Drama production

7 Dec 2015

1On Friday evening, members of the Senior Drama group took to their stage for their annual production. This year, the performance entitled An Evening of Talking Heads focused on individual performance, where students performed monologues.

Monologues are a necessary and exciting staple of the actor’s diet, but require a particular courage to perform; taken out of the context of a play, these monologues are even more exposed and exposing than usual, and the evening was a true testament to the hard work and talent of a handful of brave students.

Some students chose iconic works from great and established authors, tackling the familiar but daunting works of Shakespeare and Euripides. Others chose contemporary authors and pieces, challenging in their unfamiliarity but exhilarating in their vibrancy and freshness. Sara Willis performed Brand New Ancients, by Kate Tempest – a dramatic poem taken from Tempest’s anthology of spoken word pieces, whilst Pierce McLoughlin performed a monologue from Shakespeare’s The Comedy of Errors. Chris Norwood performed the iconic St Crispin’s Day speech from Shakespeare’s Henry V, and Lucy Johnson performed an extract from Henrik Ibsen’s famous domestic drama, A Doll’s House.

All students worked individually on their pieces, displaying a working attitude which was thorough and professional.

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