The Perse School

Roald Dahl’s villains inspire Year 7 Arts Festival

27 Nov 2015

The Year 7 Arts Festival took place on Tuesday and was a great success – a lively cross-curricular celebration of what has been achieved this term in the areas of English, drama, art and music.

The theme was ‘the villains of Roald Dahl’, to complement Year 7’s study of Boy: Tales of Childhood in their English lessons.

Art works created by the students, inspired by David Hockney, brought much-loved Dahl terrors such as Miss Trunchbull, the Twits and Mrs Pratchett to vivid life. The villain’s head, body and legs had to be created separately, and they were then displayed on stacking cubes to form part of the stage set for the evening’s drama production.

Dramatic pieces inspired by famous scenes, and devised by the students, were performed by each form group, including the Witches plotting to eliminate children, and the brats from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory meeting a sticky end.

The evening culminated in a group of students representing every form, performing ‘Naughty’ a song from the highly-acclaimed new musical Matilda.

The students worked incredibly hard and really showcased their talent – the evening was a resounding success.

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