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Perse scientists collect prestigious awards

2 Nov 2015

290_C2871On the Wednesday before half term, a group of Perse students attended the research projects celebration event at Anglia Ruskin University, which saw the presentation of Nuffield and Gold CREST Awards to our pupils.

Nuffield Research Placements are funded by the Nuffield Foundation, and are one of the most academically prestigious national STEM Enhancement schemes with over 1,000 students participating across the country. These research placements give students hands-on experience of a professional research environment, working on a research project with scientists, technologists, engineers or mathematicians. As part of their placement, students write a report and they can then choose to enter their project for a British Science Association CREST Award.

Three of our students (Tom Lu, Anokh Vithayathil and Salvador Buse) applied for and were successful in being awarded Nuffield placements. A further eight Perse students organised their own research placements and activities over the summer. Ji Xu completed his project as part of his participation in the Heidelberg Summer School, which was then also submitted for a Gold CREST award.

The Gold CREST scheme recognises the exceptional achievement of students. Eleven Perse students attended the event to collect their certificate, with their projects listed below:

Adil Webster – Monte Carlo simulations of particle trajections on a 2D Surface using MatLab.

Alexei Chizh – Gene-to-disease dataset merge and analysis for neurodegenerative diseases in the context of autophagy.

Anokh Vithayathil – An Introduction to composite materials: test standards, procedures and material property prediction.

Ji Xu – X-ray variation in Einstein Cross (Q2237 +0305).

Salvador Buse – Molecular cloning of human tropomyosin genes into new vectors.

Samir Chitnavis, Sam Crawley, Alex Hughes-Davies, Sechan Yun, Jaehyeon Kim – Comparison of a theoretical model to experimental data to improve tennis player performance.

Shizhang Liu – Semi-nested PCR for saturating coverage of shotgun libraries of cfDNA.

Tom Lu – Inverted mechanical pendulum: a study of mechanics, electronics and the implementation of control theory.

Well done to all.

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