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Ascent Group test their skills at Winter Camp

4 Nov 2015

PES Ascent Group headed off on their annual winter camp 2015 after school on Thursday 22 October, when the advanced party – Year 10 pupils – left to set up camp before the troop arrived. The journey was smooth, and the group arrived at Stonewall Park in Kent on time. They then set up HQ and went to sleep, preparing for a busy morning the next day.

After an early start on Friday, the group proceeded to set up camp, fuelled by an excellent breakfast of bacon, eggs, tomatoes and hash browns. By the time the full troop had arrived, they had assembled the whole camp. One hundred and thirty students descended on camp and were greeted by Bears and Stags, before being led to the first ‘flag break’ of the weekend. After this they set up patrol sites, then took part in a ‘capture the flag’ wide game, with fire section emerging victorious. Dinner was then served and students took part in a full troop campfire, complete with singing and hot chocolate.

Saturday marked the first day of rotations, with Earth and Air on bushcraft and Fire and Water on skills rotations. The students on the bushcraft rotation did a day of fire lighting, carving and roasting lambs, followed by a meal of tortillas and roast apples. The students on skill rotations tackled hygiene, pioneering, navigation and first aid skills. After a dinner of risotto for these students, the whole troop took part in a ‘Monsters Inc.’ wide game, which was highly successful. They then had a sectional campfire and went to bed. On Sunday, the troop again switched rotations.

Monday saw the troop pack down camp, which was done very successfully. After a ceremonial flag down and a bugle sounding the last post, the troop left to return to Cambridge. The vans were unpacked swiftly, and students were sent home.

It was a very successful camp, and many great memories were made.

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