The Perse School

Year 8 become archaeologists for the day

21 Oct 2015

Monday’s enrichment day saw the whole school off timetable and taking part in a range of different activities. Year 8 ventured to London, where they went to the Thames foreshore for a day of archaeological activities. Vanessa Bunton, an archaeologist from the Thames Explorer Trust who works at the Museum of London, led the day’s proceedings. She told the group that one of the highlights of her career was discovering a suburb of an ancient Mayan city.

Pupils were tasked with looking for items that had been washed up by the tide along the foreshore. They then recorded their findings, grouping items by age, from modern to Roman. The earliest ‘find’ was some Medieval decorated pottery. Though they were not allowed to take their ‘finds’ away with them – museum artefact protocol dictates they must be left in situ! As you can see from the photographs, the group managed to collect a lot of items.

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