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Students present their research at the Young Scientists Journal annual conference

14 Oct 2015

IMAG0567 The second annual Young Scientists Journal Conference was held at the King’s School Canterbury today, and Charlotte Ansell (Y11) and Samir Chitnavis, Sam Crawley, Jaehyeon Kim and Sechan Yun (Y12) attended to present independent research work which they had completed.

Charlotte discussed what she learnt while researching ‘To what extent will 3D printing revolutionise the world we live in today, if it is possible to 3D print a complex organ such as the heart?’ while the Year 12 boys presented the results of experimental investigations they had completed over the summer for a Gold CREST award, trying to answer the question ‘Can Science Improve Your Tennis Game?’

After an early start from Cambridge the pupils arrived to set up their posters, record a five minute presentation for the Young Scientists’ Journal website and answer questions from a group of interested scientists and students before lunch, and then joined the main conference in the afternoon.

In his keynote speech Professor Sir Martyn Poliakoff, perhaps most well-known from his YouTube videos on the Periodic Table, gave advice to young scientists embarking onIMAG0572 research, drawing on his own early experiences of scientific research, such as jumping into a pool at the deep end to find out if he could learn to swim quickly. The group also joined a range of option workshops, covering subjects from ‘Applying to University for Science Subjects’ and ‘Science @ the heart of culture’ to ‘Richard III’s bones: the story, and the story behind the story’ and ‘We’re all doomed (and you can be to): Science Communication in the age of sustainability’, and an interesting plenary session covering key issues in science as they affect young scientists.

All the pupils involved are to be congratulated on the enthusiasm with which they embraced their research and the confidence and clarity with which they communicated their findings to those at the conference.

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