The Perse School

Small Ships Race

9 Oct 2015

On Friday 2 October 22 pupils from Years 8 to 13 set off for Portsmouth. There, two crews picked up their boats, Duet and Amelie Rose, and embarked on their first sailing of the weekend across to Cowes on the Isle of Wight.

After a parade, the race began at 10am on Saturday. The light winds favoured Duet and she sailed a great tactical race, with Amelie Rose not too far behind. For the first time in several years Duet pipped their main rival Jolie Brise to the post to claim first in class, with Amelie Rose achieving third in class.

Due to strong Easterly winds earlier in the week, the third boat, Pegasus, had been stuck in Plymouth and so their crew had an extra journey down to join their boat. They then embarked on a night sail, travelling through the night to get to Cowes on Saturday afternoon. Both the skipper and the staff were impressed with the spirit and enthusiasm that the crew displayed and it is a great achievement to clock up so many night hours in one weekend. They joined the other crews at the prize giving where Amelie Rose won the third trophy of the weekend – the Bloodhound Cup for youngest overall crew.

Sunday was a more relaxed day with a leisurely sail back across to Portsmouth. The group looks forward to next year when they will hopefully be defending their titles!

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