The Perse School

Pupils crack the code at Bletchley Park

26 Oct 2015

Last week, on Monday’s enrichment day, three groups of Perse pupils headed to Bletchley Park, including the RADA enrichment group.

The groups explored the sights and sounds of this important site of British history, and enjoyed learning more about the code-breakers of World War II.

Over the course of the day, the RADA group was given the task of coming up with a devised piece, using Bletchley Park and the many inspiring people and stories encountered there as their source material. Despite the difficulty of this task, and total lack of any kind of props, costume or stage, the RADA students displayed their ingenuity and creativity, performing their piece in the central aisle of the coach before we began the journey home.

They had created an evocative soundscape, which layered famous World War II speeches by the likes of Winston Churchill and key information about the work of Alan Turing at Bletchley over a constant hum of aeroplanes, bombs, and rattling gunfire.

Their work was a thought-provoking culmination of a day spent on a site haunted by history, and certainly added to the other students’ experience of Bletchley Park.

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