The Perse School

Prep pupils welcome performance poet Adisa

8 Oct 2015

To mark National Poetry Day today, the Prep welcomed celebrated performance poet, Adisa. After performing for the whole school, he ran a series of workshops with Year 4 children.

He opened his talk to the whole school with an open-ended question of “who likes poetry?”, with the majority of pupils raising their hands enthusiastically. Adisa then performed a selection of his poems, and encouraged the children to participate in his performances by guessing the missing rhyming word, as well as repeating haunting lines.

His humorous poetry had all of the pupils giggling, though his talk also had a serious side, as he spoke about his experiences of being bullied whilst at school. A Year 4 pupil described Adisa’s talk as “humorous and touching”.

After Adisa’s performance, the children asked their special guest lots of interesting and thoughtful questions about his inspiration, his education and his favourite poet. He explained that his love of questioning life had inspired much his poetry and that his mother is his favourite poet.

Adisa then went on to run workshops with Year 4 pupils. Here, he read one of his poems aloud and asked the children to explain the metaphors to guess the subject of the poem. He also played some poetry based games to encourage the children to use powerful imagery and unique language in their own writing. The pupils then wrote and performed their own poetry.

This was a thoroughly enjoyable morning for all – we are sure that Adisa has inspired a new generation of performance poets at the Prep!

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