The Perse School

National Biology Week

15 Oct 2015

It has been a busy week in the Biology Department as the School celebrated National Biology Week 2015.

Monday started with dissection lunchtime as the biology teachers and departmental prefects dissected a variety of animals including pheasants, rats, lamprey, squid and starfish and discussed the anatomy of these organisms with interested students. On Tuesday afternoon Lower Sixth students were visited by Dr Oliver Clarke and a team of microscopy experts from Carl Zeiss. After a lecture covering the history of the company and how the microscope was developed, students then had a chance to use some of the fantastic microscopes they had brought in and to discuss techniques of imaging technology used in the latest research.

On Wednesday we hosted the delightful Year 1 Pelicans for their first introduction to biology. The Pelicans examined live specimens of daphnia under the microscope to observe their beating hearts, the movement of food in the digestive tract and the presence of eggs. This session was a wonderful introduction to both biology and the Upper school! Thursday lunchtime saw the inaugural Biology House Competition, hosted by the biology quiz master Mr Couper-Marsh. After rounds of: ‘name the famous biologist’, ‘guess the image’ and a mystery object round including ‘guess the smell’ questions, the outright winners were the Northwold Yales.

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