The Perse School

F.R. Leavis Society explores modernism

28 Oct 2015

CaptureF.R. Leavis Society met last week to explore ‘Fragmented Worlds in Early Modernism’.

The level of discussion was exceptionally high with some probing questions put to Miss Warner from members of the Lower and Upper Sixth. Students explored modernism and tradition in relation to Mirrlees’ little known work entitled Paris: a poem (1920).  The group attempted to trace parallels between this earlier work and Eliot’s masterpiece The Wasteland’ (1922).  Along the way we discussed Barthes’ Camera Lucida, Bowie on the art of being difficult, the vogue for collage among artists like Picasso and Braques, and Eliot’s ‘Tradition and the Individual Talent’. The group was particularly pleased to welcome some members of Year 11 to F.R. Leavis Society and are keen to see more interested Year 11 and Sixth Form students in future.

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