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Cadets put their skills to the test on CCF field weekend

7 Oct 2015

At 8.30am on Saturday 3 October, 24 students from Years 9 to 13 arrived in their freshly ironed uniform ready for the first CCF field weekend of the year.

After having their kit and uniform checked they piled into two minibuses and a transit van and travelled down the A11 to RAF Barnham. Upon arrival, they were taught how to cook their ration pack and were assessed on their ability to make a hot drink for themselves (or Mr Bradley). The next challenge was to put up their shelter for the night and the three flights split up to set up their camps. The afternoon involved a lesson on signalling and radio skills, a popular tutorial in camouflage and concealment and a vital lesson on navigation skills in preparation for the evening activities.

After putting their cooking skills to the test and enjoying an evening meal, the cadets, equipped with headtorches and compasses, were transported to the start point for the evening’s wide game. The aim of the game was to visit as many check points as possible in one hour, testing their planning, teamwork and navigation skills. This was made all the more difficult as the darkness descended and by the threat of water pistols at every turn. The final activity to tire the troops out for the day was a brilliant leadership skills circuit.

7.30am on a Sunday morning could only mean one thing: physical training. After earning their breakfast with a run and drills, it was time for the much anticipated laser tag. The RAF grounds proved an excellent setting and the green and black teams were very evenly matched. This game was an excellent display of teamwork and tactics, with cadets crawling along the ground and hiding behind trees to try to evade their opposition and trying to overcome defences by courageously sprinting over the top. Unfortunately, it was then time to pack up and head back to school but not before a tasty barbeque in the glorious sunshine.

Thanks go to Mr Couper-Marsh for organising such an enjoyable and educational field weekend. Students are looking forward to the next one later in the year.

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