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Best ever GCSE results for the third year running

20 Aug 2015

Perse students have surpassed the results of last year’s record-breakers to achieve the School’s best ever GCSE and IGCSE results. The School is the top-placing co-ed school in both The Times and The Telegraph GCSE league tables.

154 candidates sat 1567 exams. 94% of the entries were graded A* or A (up from 92% last year); for reference, the corresponding national figure is 21%. More than half the year group achieved eight or more A*s.

  • 72% of entries were graded A* (the national figure is 6.6%).
  • 53% of students achieved eight or more A* grades and just under 30% gained ten or more A* grades.
  • 99% of entries were graded A*- B.
  • 100% of students secured at least five A*-C grades.
  • 100% of students secured at least five A*-C grades with English and maths.
  • 40 students achieved a clean sweep of the top grade in all their GCSE/IGCSE subjects.

Head Ed Elliott said: “I congratulate Perse students on achieving record-breaking GCSE results, with 94% of entries graded at A* or A. Last year the School took the top spot for a co-ed institution in The Times league table for its GCSE performance, so to beat those results is an amazing achievement for our students and their teachers. Many students are celebrating results dominated by A*s and As. 82 students achieved eight or more A* grades and 44 gained ten or more A*s.”

There were some outstanding results in individual subjects including a 92% A* rate in maths, and 100% in Chinese (Mandarin) and in ancient Greek.

In addition, 78 students in Year 10 took IGCSE maths a year early and all secured an A*.


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