The Perse School

The Perfect Portrait

22 Jun 2015

1Two Year 9 pupils have set up their very own art club, designed to help others create the ‘perfect portrait’.

Benjamin and Blythe designed the posters and promoted their new club around school to attract members. The club has given them the opportunity to share their skills with others through a series of workshops, giving other students the techniques and and time to achieve the best results.

The club leaders have shared their top five tips for drawing great portraits:

  • To start, get the proportions exact.
  • Work layer by layer on a contrasting colour.
  • Use a grid to get maximum detail.
  • Try not to over-paint, to avoid the ‘slatherd in shaving foam’ effect.
  • Have fun and be realistic. You are not going to complete a decent painting in one session. Take your time to achieve the best results.



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