The Perse School

House Drama Competition

26 Jun 2015

Yesterday saw casts from the eight Perse Houses take to the stage to perform in the inaugural Perse House Drama Competition.

Launched eight weeks ago, the competition started with each House being given nothing more than a buzzword and a box of props containing simple household items such as an umbrella or ribbon. From these pupils have developed their own scripts, cast actors and organized the staging for their performance.

Despite being given an open-ended brief, the results were fantastic. It was evident that the students had put a great deal of effort into scripting and rehearsing their plays. All of the Houses had shown great creativity and originality in writing a unique storyline, and the audience greatly enjoyed watching the performances. In the two hours of drama the audience experienced a whole range of styles and plots.

At the end of the day there could however, of course, be only one winner and although all of the plays were impressive, after much debate the judges awarded the House Drama Cup to the Lithburn Eagles. Their tale of the epic quest for the Golden Duck of Arimathea, with its humour and excellent guest appearance from Mrs Weatherall, the Perse Librarian, was well received by all.

Congratulations to them for their victory, which earned them 48 House Points, and well done to everyone who was involved for their dedication and commitment. We very much look forward to next year’s competition.


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