The Perse School

Celebrating Prep science week

8 Jun 2015

Last week, all pupils at the Prep immersed themselves in all things science, as part of their annual Science Week.

In a packed schedule of activities designed to support their classroom learning, they welcomed guest speakers from the world of science and enjoyed taking part in exciting practical experiments.

Pupils learned all about wireless technology, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS from Mr Bastani (Managing Director of BCL), and learned about the development and creation of drugs in a fascinating session with Astrazeneca. They even had a visit from marine biologist and explorer Henry Evans, where they learned about his expedition to Antarctica, including how to take a ‘snow bath’!

From the world of medicine, the pupils were intrigued to hear about life as a General Practitioner from Dr Moffatt. One pupil, Toby, thought that GPs should be called ‘superheroes’ due to the amount of work they do each day, from checking blood tests and prescriptions, to running large numbers of appointments throughout the day! Mrs Wood also visited to discussed a day in the life of a radiologist.

They also enjoyed inspiring talks from an obstetrician, a psychologist and the Head of Orthopaedic Oncology at Addenbrooke’s Hospital – Dr Messahel. Year 4 had a fascinating session on the brain, where they examined nerve cells through a microscope, and then built them out of Lego bricks. Did you know that the brain weighs the same amount as a bag of sugar? Year 4 became doctors as they learned what blood pressure is and how to measure it, how to suture (practicing on some false skin!) and how to analyse an x-ray.

In physics, members from NanoPhotonics from the Cavendish Laboratory spoke about a typical day in the life of a physicist. Pupils also got hands-on with Ventura Wildlife, as they learned about different animals. They even had the chance to get up close to a meerkat named Nelson!

As well as these excellent talks, Prep pupils experienced science in action as they visited the Wicken Fen Nature Reserve, and Year 5 and 6 pupils enjoyed a trip to the Upper science labs, where they used ray boxes and testes different liquids to see which would be safe to drink on a desert island, and even tried their hand at ‘mirror writing’. They also enjoyed extracting and examining their own DNA using microscopes.

On Friday, the children welcomed Kevin Price, as he guided Year 5 and 6 on a journey through space in a talk about his new book – The Silly Solar System. They also had a visit from Dr Wothers, where he used art to explain the names of chemicals in his session entitled: ‘Goblins, gods and gases’.

A big thank you to all of the speakers who generously gave their time to run sessions with our pupils.

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