The Perse School

Year 9 ‘sleep out’ in aid of Emmaus

14 May 2015

On Friday 8 May at 9pm, 40 Year 9 students arrived in the lecture theatre eager to help raise money for Emmaus, Cambridge – a charity which helps those who find themselves homeless, find work and build their confidence and skills.

The evening began with a ‘wide game’ to help the students understand the difficulties faced by the homeless community. During the game, the students had to earn chocolate coins by doing menial labour in the café, selling newspapers, selling artwork and busking. However, if they were caught without a licence for these activities they were sent to ‘the police’. At the end of the game, students exchanged their chocolate coins for pieces of cardboard which were to be their beds for the night.

The Emmaus van arrived on the school site and the students really made the most of the opportunity to ask some brilliant questions about the Emmaus companions’ lives, histories and experiences, and to find out more about the realities of homelessness. The Emmaus companions also provided the students with great advice regarding suitable sleeping locations around the school site, and gave them food to help them through their night of sleeping out.

At 7am, everyone helped to clear up the site, appreciative of the fact that they did not have to spend the next day trying to find a job and a new sleeping location. Thank you to everybody who donated cardboard and to Mr Cerny, Miss Bovey, Mr Rhatigan, Mrs Gladwell and Miss Moss for their help on the night.

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