The Perse School

Perse students take to the polls – mock election 2015

1 May 2015

IMG_1115 With just under a week to go until the General Election, Upper students and staff have already elected their representative. The seven candidates began by summarising their manifestos in the whole school assembly on 22 April, but for many, the highlight of the week’s campaigning was a debate in the fashion of the recent TV debates. At this standing room-only event in the lecture theatre, each candidate set out their vision and responded to challenging questions on the economy, funding public services, the NHS and Britain’s position on the world’s stage.

Standing for election were: Daniel Abrahams (Scottish National Party), Jonathan Black (Plaid Cymru), Alexander Henderson (UK Independence Party), Garret Shannon (Labour), Ryan Stonebridge (Conservative), Ella Thomson (Green) and Alastair Walker (Liberal Democrat).

Just short of 1,500 polling cards were printed, and ballot boxes opened before school on Wednesday. In a special results photoassembly on Thursday the Returning Officer, a Mr Ed Elliott, commended the candidates for their rigourous preparations for the campaign and for faithfully representing their party according to its values and policies. He also gave special thanks to Ella Thomson and Yumann Siddiq – the two politics prefects who have been responsible for much of the organisation of the mock election.

It was a close race with Ryan Stonebridge (Con) emerging victorious. This was an enjoyable election in which the process was more important than the outcome; all pupils have learnt much about issues, policies, campaigning and the democratic system.

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