The Perse School

Pelican pupils go on a Burwell adventure

27 Apr 2015

Last week, Year 2 children visited Burwell House for the annual ‘Burwell Adventure’.

It was an action-packed stay for our youngest Perseans. Burwell’s pond was teeming with wildlife, and the children very much enjoyed using their pond-dipping skills to identifying the different creatures they found – Mr Ankin even found a newt tadpole! The famous ‘Burwell Challenge’ was a highlight of the trip, with pairs of children taking it in turn to lead each other blindfolded around an obstacle course in the undergrowth. It was great to see them listening carefully to instructions and working together as a team. The children also created beautiful batik bags, and in the evening the souvenir shop opened, where the children enjoyed calculating how much money they needed to pay and how much change they should expect to receive. Eating toasted marshmallows at the end of a busy day was also a highlight for many.

This first taste of independence was thoroughly enjoyed by all of the children, and they will have all no doubt made some life-long memories.


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