The Perse School

Year 4 experience life in Ancient Rome

11 Mar 2015

Yesterday, Year 4 children at the Prep took a trip back to Ancient Rome, as the school hall was transformed into a Roman villa for their ‘history day’.

They donned some fantastic costumes – there were Roman warriors a plenty! The day supported the children’s learning on Ancient Rome and Roman Britain, extending their knowledge, whilst giving them a taste of life in this fascinating period of history. They also had a lot of fun!

The children were busy working as apprentices, learning, making and trading crafts whilst sharing all the latest gossip as Romano-Britons. The day included workshop activities such as creating oil for lamps, making beeswax writing tablets, grinding up herbs for authentic medicinal cures, making clay charms and painting plates. During the afternoon session the pupils experienced a symposium banquet, celebrating the Roman victory over the Iceni rebels, there was dancing, plays were performed and Roman soldiers performed their drills.

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