The Perse School

Painting the Prep red

16 Mar 2015

The Prep was awash with red on Friday, as part of Friday’s Red Nose Day celebrations.

Ahead of the day itself, almost £200 was raised for Comic Relief through the sale of red noses. To raise even more money, staff offered up their faces as blank canvases as part of a a competition where pupils designed a pattern for a chance to paint it on a teacher’s face during Friday’s asssembly. This was part of this year’s Red Nose Day theme – ‘Make Your Face Funny for Money’. Five lucky pupils – Esme, Mano, Isabella, Nicola and Anja – then painted the face of their chosen teacher in front of the whole school. Mr Whitell, Mr Musson, Mr Artaman, Mr Jelley and the Head, Mr Piper, were all great sports in having their faces adorned with the pupils’ creative red designs! Pupils Nicola and Anja said of their face painting experience: “It was really exciting but I was a bit nervous at first. It was fun drawing the hearts on their faces. The atmosphere was happy because the other children were singing and cheering us on.”

At lunchtime, pupils enjoyed some special Red Nose Day themed cupcakes created by the catering team, and the dining room staff also donned red wigs for the occasion.

Thank you to everyone who made a donation, helping to raise a grand total of £540 for this fantastic cause.


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