The Perse School

Flying high on CCF field weekend

11 Mar 2015

The Perse’s Combined Cadet Force travelled to RAF Marham on Friday for an exciting weekend ‘blues’ camp on one of the largest and busiest working RAF bases in the UK.

The pupils spent two nights in the junior ranks transit accommodation, eating in the cook house and enjoying the other facilities available for members of the RAF living on the base, such as the on-site cinema room!

The students took part in a number of different activities over the weekend, including being up close with two Tornado fighter jets (one of us got to sit in the cockpit!), a hands-on demonstration of how to assemble laser guided bombs and a demo on how survival kits and parachutes are packed so that pilots can survive after ejecting. They also competed to unroll and connect several lengths of fire hoses attached to a fire engine (the losing team getting hosed down by a water canon). A trip was also made to RAF Marham’s heritage centre, where the group learned about the different people and planes that had been on the base over the years, including the F-35 Lightning plane that will come over from America in the future. They even managed to get in a spot of rounders on Hunstanton beach on Saturday morning!

The pupils had a very enriching experience of what life is like on a working RAF base.

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