The Perse School

Year 3 step back in time to Ancient Egypt

25 Feb 2015

Yesterday, Year 3 stepped in their time machine and headed to Ancient Egypt as part of their history themed day.

Pupils donned Ancient Egyptian dress and enjoyed taking part in a range of themed activities. The morning saw pupils gather in the hall for a carousel of activities which included hieroglyphic writing, painting frescoes, perfume cone making, scarab carving, amulet necklace making, lamp making, bread making and canopic jar making. Prep parents also enjoyed wearing Egyptian dress to assist with the activities!

In the afternoon, the children worked in groups to prepare a banquet to celebrate the Festival of the Nile, where Pharaoh Akhenaten and his wife Nefertiti were the guests of honour. They were led into the room by a group of Prep musicians and accompanied by their personal servants. The children performed a dance in honour of the River Nile and put on a drama performance. They then sat down for a feast of the finest bread, cheese and grapes. The hall was then turned into a court room as three court cases were judged (very harshly!) by the Pharaoh.

All of the children had a fantastic day learning all about Ancient Egypt. Our thanks go to all of the parent helpers who helped make the day such a success. Year 4 are looking forward to their Roman themed history day in the net couple of weeks!

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