The Perse School

Prep well being week

9 Feb 2015

This week pupils at the Prep will be focusing on well being, enjoying a wide range of fun but thought-provoking activities.  Children will discover the importance of looking after yourself – a key life skill – and sample some useful techniques, from mindfulness to gratitude.

A special assembly this morning marked the start of the week. Here’s a preview of their programme:


A musical treat! Each year group will put together a version of Kool and the Gang’s song Celebration. All year groups will then meet to put it together as one song in a grande finale.

Keep Fit

A whole school aerobics session run by our own aerobics specialist Mel. Staff will be encouraged to join in too.


A chance to relax with a good story. Older children will read to their younger peers, and pupils will enjoy humorous poems and tales.


A discussion about what being ‘resilient’ means, along with examples of people who have shown great resilience.

Being creative

Two art activities that are very therapeutic: felt making (pieces of felt then being put together to make a sculpture) and making clay mini creatures which will then be put together to make one giant scene.

Perse Exploration Society

A chance to take part in team building tasks in the great outdoors.

Mindful tasks

Fun tasks to encourage mindfulness: a mindful maze (trying to remember a route round a grid maze) and ‘stick art’, a task to encourage focus and collaboration.


Deep breathing and relaxation exercises.

First aid

Pupils will learn basic first aid techniques for various situations, and will take home a reminder card.


An introdution to yoga postures with yoga teacher Susan Bates

Take Notice!

Pupils will work in pairs using iPads to take photos of things that make them happy, things that they enjoy, things outside that we should appreciate. Each pair will then choose their favorites and save them to a dedicated image bank.

Problem solving

A session on various techniques that can be used to tackle problems.

Pillow case task

What to do when trouble really strikes – a session on coping mechanisms. Pillowcases and fabric pens are used in a related practical task.


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