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Perse team win award at Rotary Club Technology Challenge

4 Feb 2015

Yesterday, seven Year 9 students took part in the annual Rotary Club Technology Challenge, held at the Masonic Lodge in Cambridge, alongside other Cambridge Schools including; Impington Village College, Linton Village College, The Leys School, St Mary’s School and St Bedes Inter-Church School.

Each year a new engineering challenge is set, usually involving wood work, electronics and application of the laws of physics. This challenge gave our students a taste of what engineering is like in the real world where they may not have the luxury of time, where there are tight deadlines and where budgets are limited.

This year the brief involved being part of a cross country rescue team whose path was blocked by a deep, crocodile-filled river. They had to deliver a rescue package to the other side, whilst there was no bridge and only a suspended cable. The students were required to produce a portfolio of their design work as well as design, build and test it all with a limited kit of materials, in just three hours (whilst also having a working lunch!).

All of the students did extremely well, but a special mention goes to ‘Perse Team 2’ – Aidan Jones, Harry Traherne and Owen Peckham,who won the overall award at the competition! They did a fantastic job of their design and its implementation. Perse Team 1 – Masaki Hattori, Toby Proudfoot, Lavnik Balyan and Mark Paschalis, also completed the challenge successfully with a great design, getting their rescue package successfully to the other side of the river.  Team 1 in particular produced a very good design portfolio.

Both our teams showed good team spirit and co-worked admirably. Their ideas were excellent; they utilized their knowledge of pulleys, gears, electronics and physics from their curriculum and they successfully modified each iteration of their design to achieve one that worked.

A fantastic day was had by all – well done to everyone who took part!

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