The Perse School

Perse Head under the spotlight in Head’s Question Time

5 Feb 2015

Today saw the inaugural session of ‘Head’s Question Time’. Organised by Upper Sixth student Tom Kilcommons, who leads the School’s Student Council, students from all year groups were encouraged to put their burning questions direct to the Head of The Perse, Ed Elliott.

This event gave students a great opportunity to ask what they have always wanted to know about The Perse, with students posing thought-provoking and interesting questions. Questions covered myriad important topics from environmental issues (“why does the School not currently have any solar panels?”) to questions about the School’s growth and development (“has the School become too modern and lost some of its heritage?”), to uniform concerns and the place of religion at The Perse.

As well as touching upon serious issues, the more light-hearted questions from the floor included: “what is a day in the life of the Head like?”, “why do you sometimes drive to school?” and “how do you go about writing your assembly speeches?”.

The students involved found the session to be useful and informative, and shed more light on the workings of the School. The session was a so much of a success that Mr Elliott has agreed to make it a regular fixture in the School calendar.



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