The Perse School

Under the microscope

26 Jan 2015

Last week, pupils in Year 4 were visited by Dr Cooke, a microbiologist from Addenbrooke’s Hospital, for a fascinating session on microbes, to tie in with a topic the pupils are currently studying.

Dr Cooke added a great deal to our pupils’ understanding of how microbes can be transmitted by their hands, and they took part in an experiment to demonstrate this. With the aid of UV gel and a UV light box, one pupil was asked to cover their hands in the gel. The pupils then passed a handshake down a line before placing their hands under the UV light. To their amazement, the handshake passed the UV to seven pupils! Before re-testing, pupils washed their hands, and they were again shocked by the results. This experiment demonstrated the importance of thorough hand-washing to our pupils.

This was a really informative session that was thoroughly enjoyed by all of the pupils – thank you to Dr Cooke for generously giving her time to run this session at the Prep.


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