The Perse School

Prep pupils take centre stage for Christmas panto

10 Dec 2014

Christmas festivities continued at the Prep this week, as Centre Stage drama group performed their Christmas production of The Little Mermaid, the play script of which was written by the Prep’s own head of drama, Julia Morris.

Isabella Li played Ariel, the Little Mermaid, and sang her solos beautifully.  Alice Wentzell exuded malevolence and played a convincing Ursula.  Malachy Wallace was a masterful King Triton attired in shimmering robes and glittering crown.  A highlight of the performance was Ursula’s attempt to escape her fate by a circuit of the hall to the Chariots of Fire theme tune!

Ariel dreams of becoming part of the human world and agrees to give her voice in exchange for becoming human for three days. In order to remain human, Ariel has to make the Prince fall in love with and kiss her before sunset of the third day.  However, if the Prince does not kiss her, Ariel will belong to Ursula.  Ursula attempts to trick the Prince into marrying her but King Triton saves the day by banishing Ursula and turning his daughter into a human so that she can marry the prince.

Well done to all to the pupils who took part in the pantomine, and thoroughly entertaining their audiences!

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