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Perse students go for gold in national physics competition

15 Dec 2014

Eight Perse students have beaten more than 1750 students nationwide to take a prestigious ‘top gold’ medal in a national Physics contest.

The 16 and 17 year olds’ success in the British Physics Olympiad puts them in the top 50 of young physicists in the country. They will now take part in the invitation-only second round, success in which would put them in the running to represent their country in the international challenge. The Perse students who won the ‘top gold’ grade are: Jamie Bamber, William Drake, Alex Harris, Hamish MacGregor, Thomas Mullock, Samuel Woods, Will Woods and Ebony Zhang.

More than 1,800 students participated in the UK-wide contest, in which they are set demanding questions to test their understanding and skill. In all, 24 Perse students received a medal.

Name Award Name Award
Alex Harris Top Gold Dilip Goyal Bronze I
William Drake Top Gold Tom Poskitt Bronze I
Ebony Zhang Top Gold Joseong Seo Bronze I
Jamie Bamber Top Gold Ji Xu Bronze I
Samuel Woods Top Gold Simon Ager Bronze II
Will Woods Top Gold Conor Macgowan Bronze II
Thomas Mullock Top Gold Will Louth Commendation
Hamish MacGregor Top Gold Thomas Stowell Commendation
Gregory Stewart Gold William Liu Commendation
Jennifer Potter Gold John Busher Commendation
Mohammed Zia Gold Ciaran Flaherty Commendation
Jingxuan Yang Silver Euichul Jeong Commendation
Leo Bridger Silver Oliver Goldberg Commendation
Anthony Hattuman Silver Adil Webster Commendation
Charles Turner Silver James Tunsley Commendation
Daniel Jackson Silver
Jason Gu Silver

Physics Teacher Dr Mike Goodson said: “I congratulate the students on these amazing results, which reflect their efforts not just this year but all the way through school.”


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