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Perse pupil gets a glimpse into a career in the theatre

12 Nov 2014

Year 11 pupil, Christopher Norwood was lucky enough to attend a TheatreCraft event, which was held at the Royal Opera House. He shares his experience of the day below. TheatreCraft gives young people the opportunity to get a unique glimpse into careers ‘behind the scenes’ in the world of theatre – from direction to stage management, marketing to lighting. Here, students can take part in workshops with professionals, network with peers and get careers advice from the experts.

“There are few events that have both the depth and scope of theatrical careers information as TheatreCraft. Attended by some of Britain’s most prestigious characters and organisations, it was a fantastic event to attend.  One can split their time between the open floor in which various companies exhibit their courses, as well as listening to numerous talks given by industry professionals. The aim of TheatreCraft is to exhibit everything behind the stage in the world of theatre and thus, although acting was an absent entity, every other element one could possibly think of was present, from costume to lighting to makeup and stage design. It was an event that could cater to a large audience. It is also brilliant that these areas are showcased as it can be more than difficult to move past the many drama courses on offer to find routes into theatre production and development at times.

The venue most certainly provided an apt placement for this convention. The Royal Opera House in all its splendour made the talks and events especially memorable and it was inspirational to learn about the performing arts in one of our nation’s greatest artistic institutions.

Personally, I attended the event with a view to learning about producing and directing. With this in mind I attended three talks, one on producing, one on finding one’s voice as a director and one on West End production. All three of these talks were fascinating and I was greatly intrigued. To hear first hand from successful individuals in this world of work really helps one to ground their passions and ideas. It is here that you can really start to connect with the possibility of working in the most competitive of areas.

The event is set up as a resource for everyone and thus every possible angle is exploited in order to convey as much as possible to the attendees. From lectures, to Royal Opera House tours of staging, design rooms and pyrotechnics, to interactive talks and even one-on-one sessions with industry professionals. Furthermore, there is a great wealth of dramatic organisations at the event ready to discuss any and all aspects of their services. From dramatic funds to schools such as RADA and the BFI, TheatreCraft is the perfect place to ask these organisations about their place in the area of youth drama and training.

I would highly recommend TheatreCraft to anyone interested in a career in any aspect of theatre production. It is a trade that is hard to get proper information on and is often greatly lacking in careers information and thus TheatreCraft provides an all too important role. As the event motto goes,”If you’re serious about a career in theatre, you have to be here!”.

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