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Inspiring young Perse entrepreneurs

26 Nov 2014

This morning, five entrepreneurs from the Cambridge area visited Year 11 students to inspire them about the world of business, in an event organised in conjunction with Founders4Schools – a company which connects teachers with local business people.

David Excell (co-founder of Featurespace Limited), Michael Ledzion (Managing Director of Sports for Schools), Michael Birdsall (founder and CEO of Twosigmas), Nick Brummitt (founder of Wowcher) and Fiona Nielsen (CEO of DNA Digest) all shared the secrets to their success and anecdotes on how their education and interests led them along their current career paths.

The panel was hugely inspirational, explaining that entrepreneurship often isn’t about being the first person to have an idea, but about making that idea happen by looking what’s already out there and doing it better. They explained that running a successful business is all about ‘giving something a go’ and being prepared to be wrong along the way. Fiona in particular set up her DNA Digest company as she was passionate about making a difference in the world. David explained that one of the best things about his job is that he doesn’t have to focus on one skillset – which skillset he uses can differ on a daily basis, as he talks to his customers, gets involved with the financial side of this company, as well as working on the technical and research side of things.

At the end of the session, students had the opportunity to ask the panel their burning questions about entrepreneurship. Their insightful questions ranged from how they rated the usefulness of social media to how important it is to protect your business ideas, to asking why entrepreneurs sometimes have to sell their companies.

We thank David, Michael, Nick, Michael and Fiona for taking time out of their busy schedules to run this inspirational session.

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