The Perse School

‘Black Comedy’ – a review

12 Nov 2014

Before half-term, our budding actors and actresses in the Upper Sixth took to the stage for their annual Upper Sixth play. This year’s performance was Peter Shaffer’s Black Comedy. Jenny Potter in the Upper Sixth has written a piece about her experiences of working on the play – we hope you enjoy reading.

“This year, the Upper Sixth put on a farce play – Black Comedy. The play was written by Peter Schaffer and set in the home of an aspiring artist, Brindsley Miller, in the 1960s. Miller hopes to impress his girlfriend’s father and an art collector whilst hiding both his neighbour’s furniture and his ex-girlfriend. However, unluckily for him, there is a blackout leading to many amusing encounters. The play is set the dark, however it is ‘reverse lit’ so that when it is dark for the characters, it is light on stage. This posed a challenge for the cast and crew as we had to make it seem as if the actors could not see, when in fact they could. In order to practice this, we rehearsed the play blindfolded which was both useful and extremely humorous to watch.

We had limited time, only six weeks, to rehearse the play and as this time of year is very busy for the Upper Sixth, each member of the cast and crew gave a huge amount of time and effort to rehearsing, which paid off, as we put on two incredible and hilarious performances.”

Well done to all of the cast and crew who made this excellent production happen.

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