The Perse School

Year 11 learn about languages in the workplace

10 Oct 2014

Yesterday, sports broadcast journalist Chris Dennis, returned to the School to run a series of ‘languages in the workplace’ workshops to inspire our Year 11 language students. Chris has worked for the BBC, Eurosport and Channel 4 during his career, and so he came to test our students’ language skills, whilst giving them an insight into the kinds of tasks he performs on a daily basis as part of his job.

These action-packed sessions involved a range of different activities, including listening to recordings of interviews in a modern foreign language, such as Arsene Wenger in French and Mo Farah in Somali. They also worked on some journalistic tasks such as preparing a two-way interview in English to summarise an earlier interview in another language. Other groups prepared a 30 second voice piece, which involved working to a tight deadline, strict time limit and word count – one of the challenges a broadcast journalist regularly faces.

The students thoroughly enjoyed taking part in these sessions, which will hopefully inspire them to continue their language studies into the Sixth Form, realising that languages are a valuable asset in any career.

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