The Perse School

Upper Sixth take to the stage

14 Oct 2014

This week sees two performances of the Upper Sixth play, Black Comedy.

In Black Comedy, by Peter Shaffer, Brindsley Miller, a poor, unknown artist, and his fiancée, Carol, are planning to impress not only Carol’s father, but millionaire art collector Georg Bamberger, who they hope will purchase some of Brindsley’s work. To make the best impression, they have ‘borrowed’ the best pieces of furniture from a neighbour. When a fuse breaks the apartment is thrown into darkness. With the appearance of a disgruntled neighbour and a malicious ex-girlfriend, Brindsley struggles to save both his career and his relationship.  The play features ‘reverse lighting’; the play starts in darkness, but all is revealed to the audience when the fuse blows.

The Upper Sixth production was a slick and professional affair, ably directed by Jenny Potter and Cole Sansom.  Asher Glinsman took the demanding lead role of ‘Brindsley Miller’, alongside Beth Barker who was his fiancée, Carole Melkett.  Ryan McMeekin was scarily convincing as Carole’s fearsome father, Colonel Melkett. Both Chad Frost-Smith and Eva Della-Porta produced hilarious performances as ‘Harold Gorringe’ and ‘Miss Furnival’, neighbours who were seeking ‘any port in a storm.’  Ella Thompson as ‘Clea’ was a striking counterpart to Carole. Lastly, Aaron Halpern (the German electrician, Schuppanzigh) and Olivia Jani (the deaf, German art collector Bamberger) completed a talented and enthusiastic cast.

Well done to all of the cast and crew that have played a part in this excellent production.

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