The Perse School

Field Day 2014

22 Oct 2014

On Monday, the School’s regular timetable was suspended for ‘Enrichment Day’, which gave all of our pupils an opportunity to take part in a host of diverse activities to broaden their minds and develop their skills.

Year 7 took part in an activity carousel which included cooking, a talk from the NSPCC, puzzles and art and craft activities (including creating beautiful memory boxes), and they also channelled their inner circus performer with a circus skills masterclass!

Year 8 pupils headed to London where groups went for a spot of diving in the Olympic Pool, visited the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum and the Magic Circle. One group also braved the inquisitive primates, heading to Woburn Safari Park for a tour of the park. A group also went to the National Maritime Museum where they enjoyed an exhibition on Harrison’s clocks, stood on the Greenwich Meridian line and spotted the Queen’s residence through the camera obscura at the Royal Observatory.

Chimp Management visited the School to work with Year 9, a company that has previously worked with Olympic athletes and successful businesses, who specialise in helping people understand how their mind works to improve the quality of both their professional and personal life. These informative and insightful sessions were thoroughly enjoyed.

Year 10 focused on exploring health and happiness, with activities to help equip students with skills and ideas to help promote physical and emotional well-being. They enjoyed sessions on body image, yoga, listening skills, learned about healthy eating with the Catering Department and took part in a mindfulness workshop.

Over the previous weekend, Perse pupils also travelled far and wide, with students taking part in rugby and netball tours, and an archaeology dig. The Perse Exploration Society also enjoyed a weekend of camping in the Norfolk Broads and the Lake District. Our Combined Cadet Force also had a busy training camp where pupils took part in radio communications challenges, map and compass reading tasks and faced their fears on a high ropes course.

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