The Perse School

Celebrating National Biology Week at The Perse

17 Oct 2014

It has been a busy week in the Biology Department as pupils and staff celebrated National Biology Week 2014.

‘Hatch cam’ returned with the School watching chicks hatching out live on screen!

Monday lunchtime was ‘dissection lunchtime’ as the staff and departmental prefects demonstrated various dissections including an earthworm, fish head, rat, frog, rabbit and pheasant. It was great to see so many of the Lower School students fascinated by the anatomy of these different organisms.

Tuesday lunchtime was ‘cinema lunchtime’ with a big screen showing of ‘The wonder of Animals’ in the lecture theatre. Year 8 students sold popcorn in aid of the charity ‘Amur Leopards’.

As part of the school’s 3-18 links, we also welcomed our Year 1 Pelican students to the Biology Department on Tuesday afternoon for sessions using the microscopes. The Pelicans enjoyed examining live specimens of Daphnia at different magnifications.

Forensic science was on the agenda on Wednesday lunchtime as year 7 and 8 students took part in CSI Perse to investigate which teacher had been eating and drinking in the laboratory, which is strictly against laboratory rules! Students analysed samples of hand writing, saliva, hair, blood and urine to determine that the perpetrator was Miss Creese. She was duly reprimanded by Inspector Burrows!

Thursday lunchtime was time for a ’42’ lecture by consultant cardiologist Dr Alexander Lyon from the Royal Brompton Hospital who spoke to pupils about the use of gene therapy in treating patients with heart failure.

On Friday we were delighted to welcome Dr Mike Leahy and his Zoobus to The Perse. Throughout the day Year 9 students visited the Zoobus to examine the animals and extend their knowledge of classification. Dr Mike also gave a lunchtime lecture on the revolting but thoroughly entertaining topic of ‘Gross diseases, killer bugs and blood sucking parasites’.

Thanks to all the staff and technicians who worked so hard to make this week possible and to all the students and staff who attended.


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