The Perse School

Author Marcia Williams inspires Prep pupils

10 Oct 2014

Marcia Williams visited the Prep yesterday to talk to the whole school and give a series of workshops to Year 5.

In her whole-school talk, Marcia spoke about the processes of making a book from the perspective of an author and illustrator. This was particularly impressive when she showed the children how a picture book is printed entirely on one huge piece of paper. She discussed her own original and highly creative approaches to writing Archie’s War, showing the children the shoe box collection of World War I memorabilia which formed the backbone of Archie’s War, as well as the original scrapbook in which she did her drawings. She did a fantastic job of making her central character Archie seem incredibly real, and describing the frightening and the surprisingly fun aspects of being a boy during the First World War.

During her workshops with Year 5, Marcia got the children illustrating their own comic-strip stories. Using an interactive game, she taught the children the importance of making your pictures tell a story. As an experienced cartoonist, she was able to give the children masses of tips for making their own work as engaging and visually stimulating as possible. The children had some fantastic ideas and Marcia was very impressed with their work.

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