The Perse School

Around the world in a House Activity Day

21 Oct 2014

Yesterday, Prep pupils celebrated languages and different cultures in their international themed House Activity Day. They donned costumes from different nations – with representatives from France, Scotland, Spain to name a few, and took part in a whole host of global activties.

Head of Music at the Prep, Paul Harris, wrote a special ‘Reggae song’ to kick off the day’s proceedings, which was thoroughly enjoyed and enthusiastically sang by the pupils. Celebrating their love of languages, Years 4, 5 and 6 also had the opportunity to learn a few words in Danish!

Pupils also took a trip to the Wild West to become cowboys in their line dancing lesson, where all of the students were very enthusiastic participants. To support their learning about different cultures, each pupil also created a colourful flag of a country of their choice, which were strung together and displayed throughout the School, continuing the international theme of the day.

Sport also played a large part in the day, where the children were given the opportunity to take part in a range of sports from across the globe. They sampled boules – the classic French ball game, kabbadi – a ‘tag’ game which is of Indian origin and Danish long ball, a hybrid of baseball and cricket.

The art and DT rooms were a hive of colourful activity, with each group creating a section of an animal totem pole. They made a range of excellent animals from pandas to tigers, pigs to peacocks, which were later assembled into towering totem poles. Perhaps one of the most popular activities of the day was the creation of a Chinese dragon. Over the course of the day, each house took turns to adorn the various sections of the dragon with tissue paper, sequins, pipecleaners and streamers. In an exciting finale to a very busy day, the beautfiul dragon was assembled and walked into the assembly, as if in an authentic Chinese celebration parade.

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