The Perse School

Pupils raise £4,500 for Cancer Research UK

15 Sep 2014

This weekend, 64 Year 11 pupils ran, walked, crawled and rolled for 24 hours in support of Cancer Research UK, in the Relay for Life. Some students even completed marathon distances in the process. Whilst this was a test of stamina and endurance, it showed that sharing a burden collectively and working as a team made even the toughest challenge possible.

Two pupils – Kate Arnold and Lucy Binks – performed a variety of vocal arrangements on the stage during the event, which were very well received. Over the course of the weekend, pupils wore an eclectic mix of ‘onesies’ and assorted costumed for the themed laps. A poignant moment of the event occurred as the race paused for the Candle of Light Ceremony, where commemorative candle bags lit the running track and all participants walked around to read the dedications to those affected by cancer.

So far, their efforts have raised £4,500, with donations still flooding in.

Together with the upcoming non-uniform day, they are likely to raise around £6,000 in total – an incredible achievement.

Well done to everyone who took part in this very special event.

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